Ranks of the Globe Defenders

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Ranks of the Globe Defenders Empty Ranks of the Globe Defenders

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President (1) - Pungy1234
Vice President – Wyoskyguy
General of the Army (3) - Mkll, Clyde16, NP3000
Major General (4) - Jacknat02, Sccot43, Caliwar, Eddie

Lieutenant General (7) - Adro3, Demos2121, Freakky, Sneezy, Zack, Jonny, Monster
Brigadier General - Rookie93
Colonel - Galaxie3, Jamman, Mcab2, Icecreamer1, Gymbo2000, Spy36743, Amichael1
Lieutenant Colonel - Cavlo, Sonic11352, 1foco, Pechu, Orcaman4
Major - Dpd2000, Hemegon, A and C1, Magnet8824, Coolto5, Blaze22

Captain – Pie8991, BlueMurples, Transformers Matrix, matthebeast, Pk Ko King
First Lieutenant -
Second Lieutenant -
Master Sergeant -
First Sergeant -
Staff Sergeant -
Sergeant -
Corporal -
Specialist -
Private 1st Class -
Private -


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