Ranks of the Light Troops

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Ranks of the Light Troops

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- Supreme Commanders (1ic) -
Ioioluk, Roberto (bo$$)


- Head Generals (2ic) -
Gold Falcon, Reece

- Generals (3ic) -
Supra, Luv Doggy, Jason, Cargo

This is the owner line.

- Light Generals -
Tylund1, Slimy102, Waterkid, Firestar, Spi101, Cowboyan101, Dr Matt, Agentrds

- Light Demolishers -
Emmalise, Cyclone, Pegua5, Polov, Nick, Spo99, Crazy, Mkbw50, Madhav

- Light Destroyers -
Awesomeman379, TheBigFig1, CoolBud2,Lowster, Braelen99 (Darkside99), Stinkaz2

This is the moderator line.

- Light Captains -
CycloneGeo, Gabbyeva54, Tryme79, Russell450, Kyle593, Flames370,Paintboy3888, Redpepper980, Applebiter, Zack, Bluetike, Domfantastic

- Light Officers -
Ice Man 51 , Josh2, Pink Ranger3, Scarlet5674, Shadowcrew, Manutdjonah, Caitlino1, Mach, Derek, Stinkaz2, William1122, Yosef Unlock, Erion DJ, Bear122, Zoom, punkemo9, Rix15, Blueink

- Light Sergeants -
Qweurty, Mkll2, 35Thunder, Pongo3010, Pikachu, Theboy, Gogeta8871, Toria2000, Brethart222, R2D2, Acefireken6, Klax, Rookie, Lionblaze, Owlcity, Monster47345

- Light Troopers/Corporals -
princepablo, ryman1234, Xsomenightsx, Cookie6579, PieLover34, Electrode2004, Mmcqueen,James68088, Yeasy, Clapper, poole819, Icey

- Light Privates -
Zoroark1089, Sarahcool103, Coach0624, Blossom889, Dingdong4444, Strogeblack, Fireken6, Josh

- Janitor -


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