Ranks of the Special Tactics And Weapons

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Ranks of the Special Tactics And Weapons

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 01, 2013 3:40 am

SWAT Emperors:
Ganger90, Crazy, Reece

SWAT Head General:
Catstew, Melissa, GarrettJr, Flames370, Spikey Josh1, Samra, Firestar1114, Reeces2011, Kyle103, Totidile



Head Officer:

Elite Major:

Head Sergeant:

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Tactical Spartans:
Humza 79809, Pikachu, Bill41053, Craned, Blaze, Roppy Droppy, Violetta, pata303, Icakata, Wicity204, Zero, Rockingroll24, 55niner, fartmachine101, fort59, 123cartman, tyrell ,Pyjamasjr,Cp test trainer, Agent scholdude, Raprocks669, Dialogic, redraptor, Birobiro22, Spy man, Muscle man, pajamasjr, Manny85721,Unknown,Wahan,cad bane,Spike Hike,Top448,Snowball108,Slade.lala,Jacob19503,Bat4819,Ninja888,fury,giganotosaurs,bubba893
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