Rangers of Yeti – Training Goes Successful, Are They A New Threat?

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Rangers of Yeti – Training Goes Successful, Are They A New Threat?

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 01, 2013 4:37 am

After a recent training, Rangers of Yeti think they could be a new threat and danger.
Hola SMAC, I will be posting on a recent training that goes successful for the army known as, Rangers of Yeti. They could possibly be a new threat if they can keep these sizes up and keep growing.
They had an ordinary training, which they were not expecting some great sizes. They were able to pull of sizes of 8-9, which impressed leaders. They have some other events in the meantime and are hoping to get bigger sizes. They still need to work on some things in the army.

Rangers of Yeti maxing 9
In the picture above it shows RY maxing 9 with a decent tactic. They have been doing great for their 2nd generation, last generation was proved to be their worst when they could not max 4 on a daily basis. They had some changes in the week with, Cobras merging into them and troops returning from last generation and some leaving.

RY maxing 9
The picture above shows RY maxing 9 with a decent tactic, again. I was able to get lucky to get an interview with their leader, Rabbit.
Me: Do you think RY will continue to grow?
Rabbit:Hopefully,yes. If we do not we will rebuild, restart, and try again.
Me:What can Rangers of Yeti improve on?
Rabbit:Well we have been doing good with recruiting, but I still feel we should do more.I want a good balance of mods members, I try to have more members than mods. Plus it will help us get bigger sizes on CP
Me:What is Rangers of Yeti going to do in the future?
Rabbit:We are going to keep up with what we are doing, until we can reach our goal of reaching major. Once then we can start getting allies, have practice battles and getting us known more.

As you can see their leader thinks everything is going smoothly and as wanted, but he thinks they still can improve on size some more. In my opinion though they should not wait until they are major to start practice battles, they should do it now for some practice to see if they are ready for any invasion.

In my opinion they will grow if they can recruit more like they are doing. Comment your opinions!

~Joeymaster41 ( http://cpsmac.com/2013/01/31/rangers-of-yeti-training-goes-successful-is-this-a-new-threat/ )


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