A Message to My Friends, the Dark Warriors

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A Message to My Friends, the Dark Warriors

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 01, 2013 4:38 am

I’ll try not to embarrass myself.

For reasons god knows who, you’ve decided to invade the Army of Club Penguin. Traditionally, even the thought of declaring war on an army such as they was one of big stature. Just the thought of knowing you could contend against, arguably the most historical army in this community, is a honor in itself. Not only will you be “that army” that went to war with ACP, which was thought of only Nachos job, but you’ll be that leader who lead that army.

After you finished your little war against the Army Republic, for reasons you went to war with are beyond me; apparently you wanting to “burn the light” or something (“we will destroy them, and I promise you“, said quote by Unknown). Moving onto ACP, you victimized them, backed them into a corner of no surrender, and attacked full force with the promise of destruction. Congratulations, you’ve met your possible goal. A reason to go to war against ACP was, “It is time for you to face defeat, my friend.” I testify against this with ACP having to accept their defeat multiple times. Pictures on your site show Flipper, Kingfunks4, and Swimmerboy01 admitting defeat. They (ACP) have been listening to the Club Penguin Army Council with humble approval as well, as far as I can see.

My question to all Dark Warriors‘ soldiers is one of simplicity, what are you proving? Typically, in the older generation, the top dogs would be frowned upon if they invaded a “bottom-half” nation. DW were tied for number one last week, some even say they were the only ones deserving of it. If you went down the list a little further you’d find ACP at eight. That’s right, eight. With countless DW invasions, they have proved that they are undeniably: [a] bigger than ACP; [b] stronger than ACP; [c] better lead than ACP. Your priorities are beyond my knowledge. What does it prove when you are beating a army significantly weaker than you? In my opinion, it proves you are a bully. Everyone knows your bigger, more capable of winning every battle. Take your pride before it turns on you.

I am unsure right now where Unknown’s state of mind is at. Multiple times DW flipped back and forth in the six-month war. Throughout the war I could spot Unknown either helping out Pirates/SWAT, and even at one point he join ACP and fought on their side. Proving to be a huge asset to the Black Alliance and the White Alliance. During the war, DW could put fear into the enemies eyes. I believe the DW has proven, an almost innumerable amount of times, that they are dominating the competition right now. No other army is close to them, maybe Light Troops. It is understandable that Unknown is somewhat oblivious to the state of armies right now. He runs the biggest army in the community, and in his eyes, DW are sitting pretty. However, for the rest of us, we are in a state of catastrophic measures. Our morals are out of whack, sizes are falling rapidly, unnecessary prejudicial fights are a common issue, and that list seems to be endlessly going on and on, as if in the cartoon shows. Currently under Club Penguin Army Central‘s drafts there is an idle editorial on Unknown’s theory on how “killing ACP won’t change anything”. I actually remember when ACP and DW were great allies under my leadership, thanks to Circa and I’s understanding of one another back in the days of pride and respect.

Now, I’m not hear to scream from the hills topped with clovers for a rally of ACP soldiers. It is very apparent that the war is going nowhere for them. However, the fact of a community with no ACP feels like no community at all. We’d enter an era of destruction. You (informal) are basically providing an excuse for armies to just kill each other for no logical reasons. I plead you, what happened to fun rivalries? I remember being ACP leader, it was always exciting to know that I’d have the Nachos to welcome me. It wasn’t a matter of if there would be an ACP-Nacho war, it was a matter of when. And that was perfectly fine, and a nice challenge. Both armies were contending for the top spot nonstop, and it was an endless rivalry that, ironically at the same time, built a trust between the two. Today you can find ACP and Nacho soldiers hanging out on either or chat, letting loose. That is, away from all of the drama-built, selfish legacy this place has turned into it. Not only are you participating in this new legacy, you’re fueling the fire.

I have said countless of times before. Do not hate an army for what a leader has done. There are many leaders I disagree with in this community, but that does not mean I hate the entire army for it. An army could have been COMPLETELY different if another leader was chosen. Or maybe the army could have been completely different if the current leader was given a chance. I understand there is a point of no return for some leaders, but another leader could easily turn it all around. I hate when people make real life examples to things, but let’s look at it like this. Say Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, was really, really unlikable and was doing things that other countries around him were getting really pissed about (on a personal level). Does this give the United States an excuse to want to destroy all of Canada’s land; bring nothing but sorrow and misery to the citizens of Canada who have no direct voice to the Prime Minister?

One could argue this is just a pathetic attempt to save ACP from it’s last breath. In return I can answer with all honesty, yeah. However, I am finding it hard to be in this community and not take action when there are so many things that I disagree with. Being a long-time member of this community (#2008), I can only look back and shake my head. What have WE, as a whole, come to? It just isn’t that much fun anymore. I don’t really know why. It’s not the same. When I take a look back at DW’s past, I see a powerful, pride, respected army. Now when I look, I only see a flip-flopping, hot mess. Note that I am not justifying the actions of the recent ACP generation. Unknown makes a point, the owners are not good. Plain and simple. It is no hidden fact that there is no recruiting going on, and no work.

So, as I’m metaphorically on my knees, I ask for a change to your army; even all armies. A stop on this pathetic excuse for a war. I respect SaW and Unknown tremendously, without a doubt they are great leaders. This does not stop me though from stressing the fact that what you’re doing is questionably wrong and hypocritical. You have proven that you are the strongest army force in the past six months. You have proven you have some of the best tactics, strategic leaders, and loyal soldiers in your army. You have proven you can win every single war against the WA. You have proven to change the armies and be a top dog, being one of the most interesting armies to watch this generation. I am afraid that the power is rather gathering too quickly.

Honestly, I hope at least one DW soldier comes across this post and really thinks about what I had to say. If you disagree with me, I’m sorry, obviously you are set in stone. I’m sure you have your own reasons. Despite me being retired from ACP for six months, I tried to make this as un-opinionated, or one sided, to some extent. As a retiree, this is an observation of mine. At a time I could understand BA’s goal, a new era of top dogs; now I find myself lost and more so disappointed.
Wisdom ceases to be wisdom when it becomes too proud to weep, too grave to laugh, and too selfish to seek other than itself.

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