New Site Changes/Return of Mel

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New Site Changes/Return of Mel

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 01, 2013 4:59 am

Hello Pretzels,

As of right now, we have big things coming up for Pretzels. We will be having HUGE events soon and some other cool things. We will be having a whole new site outline. We are having the whole site redone by former CPAC Vice President, Riot. Brave has payed him to make the site EPIC. The Site should be done in 3 weeks to a month. Also, Mel has returned as L.I.T. of PCP do to the fall of SWAT, but it is probably temp because SWAT is returning March 2nd. Thankyou for all who have been making the latest events, we really appreciate it and we hope for you to make the next, VERY IMPORTANT, events coming up. Thats all for Now Guys, Fear The Salt!

~Badboy00923~PCP 3ic ( )


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