Enforcing a Communist Regime

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Enforcing a Communist Regime

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 01, 2013 5:05 am

Hello Underground Mafias Army

Today is a new dawn and written history for the UMA, today we turn to our former government, Communism. I, myself, and Coolster114 if he chooses to accept, will lead this army to its former glory, I am here to distinguish the unorthodox government and turn over a new leaf leaving the government stable with a communist regime. The former UMA government was very unstable.

We are using our old website, Why? because Ana doesn’t secure her domain manager and a lot of people have access to it, such as Dream, Fallen, and Extreme. This is the Official UMA website, we are now a Communist army like before, everyone will be ranked soon, if the army hates me for enforcing the rule, it is the only way to stop corruption in this army and start to enforce rules that can be voted in by the people, for the people.
The Chat shall remain the same, and everyone else should maintain as their former 3, Aaron is now back to his LIT/2ic position. And Derek is also back to his former rank, Paco does own the other site, but Ana’s domain manager got hijacked the other day and indecent images were broadcasted upon the UMA site when we have younger children in the army.

I’ll be making more recent posts over the upcoming days, I’d like to say to Coolster and Ben, you are very much welcomed to comment here with both your emails, or I will get it from the comments, and I will gladly editor you both, considering I am the only Administrator regardless of your position in this army, thank you.

-Daniel ( http://theundergroundmafiasarmyuma.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/enforcing-a-communist-regime/ )


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