Leaving the CP Army Council

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Leaving the CP Army Council

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 01, 2013 10:11 pm

Yes, Teh Pie is back at leader under this new commie rule, and i’m here with some news…
Today with majority rule, 3 of our 4 leaders voted to secede from (leave) the CP Army Council. Our reasoning for this? We find one rule to be absolute bullsh*t.
Clause 2: Server Cap Rule

An army is only permitted to own 15 servers at a time, with the exception of an additional 5 servers claimed from an opponent and occupied during a war. Invasions may not be scheduled by armies exceeding this server limit. Any invasion conducted by an army owning in excess of this limit will be regarded as invalid.

What the hell is this?!?! I’ve never seen anything in my army career that suppresses armies so much. This rule gives NO motive for wars. All armies today care about is raising in the Top 10. What the CP Army Council is doing isn’t helping restore armies, it is helping the problem. I admit, the invasion guidelines were much needed, but there isn’t anything needed past that. Armies back then didn’t have a server limit. It was a give or take all type of atmosphere, and that’s what armies should be like. The Top 10 should be a guide to see where one army ranks compared to another or many other armies, it shouldn’t be the only thing armies care about.

Hello CP Army Council, instead of encouraging Club Penguin Army Central to be the dictator of armies, take the focus away from CPAC and more towards the armies, put the WAR back in Warfare. Get rid of the ridiculous server cap rule, and a few other terrible suppressing rules you have made. I’m tired of seeing armies being pushed towards Pro CPAC instead of Pro Individualism. I think it’s time someone steps up about this.

x_________________Pie ( http://umacp.com/2013/02/02/leaving-the-cp-army-council/#more-10533 )


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