Changes/Possible Demotions

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Changes/Possible Demotions

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 02, 2013 1:03 am

I haven’t spoken awhile since I’m dominated by many owners’ and leaders’ posts, but I decided to give you all a heads up that I’m alive and not rotting in the corner.
This time, I’m going to put my intelligence and skills into play. And all of you will be taking part whether you like it or not.
(Yes, this is a reaction from the meeting that really tipped me over.)
We’ve tried to be gentle and amiable for quite a while. However, due to this, mods and owners have been very inactive. Around this time would be the end of a term or marking period or even the new start of this month, so it’s nice to start anew and getting serious.
Many times I’ve heard people quitting because they can’t deal with the crap going on. Guess what? Deal with it. If you can’t take it, just go away then. But you’ll regret that once we’ll be successful in the near future ahead for the Pretzels. We’re not going to end up being trash and being swept away like most inactive armies these days.
I would like to start with the ranks. At the meeting, we’ve discussed the possibility of demotions among every rank in the army. This will happen. Here’s the people on risk, everyone in red are the ones at risk:

Red= People who are at risk of Demotion

King Kobra54, Danthemanr1, and iCapn

Badboy, SirTaz , and Coolman

Frothe1, Derek, Theboy

Penguink2, Basloo1, DPD2000

Royliumbo, SaintMint, Kyle75642, Electrode2004

Pyjamas jr, Gavino, Matthew94

My apologies if this is inaccurate. However, you should conclude that there’s a large majority of you that are inactive and is warned not to end up like this.
So what are we going to plan?

Next week, we are expecting huge improvements. We’ll be having mandatory events once they’ll be posted. To get out of risk of demotion, come to at least 1 event during the mandatory week. Failure to come to one of the events will cause you to be demoted.

If you are not able to come to the events, make sure to comment with a reason on the upcoming mandatory events post and at least recruit at least 2 recruits (that’s rather tongue-twisty).

More updates will come by on how Pretzels will improve later.

-Disco70s ( )


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