Klondike Retained against the Pirates – Migrator also added to the ACP Nation

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Klondike Retained against the Pirates – Migrator also added to the ACP Nation

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 02, 2013 1:53 am

Hai ACP,
Today we had a UK event, with the help of a few USA soldiers who finished school early/didn’t have school today. I was impressed with the good sizes for the time of event, as we averaged about 17 and maxed 20. The Pirates also had similar sizes. We dominated the first 20-25 minutes and were even for the last 5 minutes meaning that the Pirates did not do enough to take one of our important servers. This is an improvement on past UK events, but our tactics could have been better. COMMENT IF YOU CAME TO THE EVENT!
We went into the town and berg, with it being led by Mchappy and I. Here are the pictures from Foldez:

SIZE: 15-20+ 15-20+
From now on, as you can see, I will be adding both our record and the enemies record for the event so we can compare how we did to who we are against. As you can see for today, we matched the Pirates which means they didn’t do enough to take Klondike from us. If our tactics were perfect, we would have won by a long shot. Thanks for coming make sure you comment if you came.
Comment, Comment, Comment!

-Kingfunks4 ACP Supreme Commander ( http://armyofcp.com/2013/02/01/klondike-retained-against-the-pirates-migrator-also-added-to-the-acp-nation/#more-55129 )


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