Galaxie Lesson 1: New Recruits and their Affect on Us

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Galaxie Lesson 1: New Recruits and their Affect on Us

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 02, 2013 1:58 am

Hello, guys! Recruits is the topic for today.

New recruits are the future of our army. They play a major role in our sizes and will be our future leaders. All of you were once new recruits, so we all know how it feels to be one. What we need to find is a recruit which will stay in this army and will stay active. These recruits play a major role on being the future Soldiers who shall run this army, and we need to teach them the ways of the game.

First of all, we need to give a warm welcoming to the new recruits. If your relatives who you haven’t seen in a long time comes to your house, a normal person would give them a warm welcoming. People have to remember that if a new recruit comes on chat, you have to be kind to the recruits and direct them. Being rude to a new recruit shall not be tolerated.

Second of all, you have to teach them right. Tell them to join ACPTR, so they will learn the basics of being a soldiers in this army. Remember, you are teaching the ACP’s future leaders! One wrong thing and you can be teaching the future leader to invade our own land!

Third of all, if anyone bullies the new recruit, go right away to the opponent! You first have to investigate. Sometimes the new recruit is only mad at the apparent “bully”, but you can resolve the issue in a way that no one is punished. The best way to make a recruit stay in the army is to treat it like your child.
So, that’s all peeps!

Saluting Soldiers and retired Veterans of ACP,

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