Editorial By Buritodaily: The Truth About Ioioluk

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Editorial By Buritodaily: The Truth About Ioioluk

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 02, 2013 1:40 am

Hello. Ioioluk made a post basically dissing AR and me all together for everyone to see. I feel it is only fair if I get to share mine and AR’s thoughts.
Let’s get to what you guys really want to hear about. The secret invasions. In all honesty, I didn’t want to go to this level. In fact, it was one of the last things we wanted to do, but Ioio made it clear to us we had no choice. Ioio claims he declared war on AR because he wanted a challenge, but only the most uninformed reader couldn’t read write through this. His real reason is he wanted revenge since AR had been one of the armies that caused him to declare his armies dead countless times. He declared war on us, knowing LT was stronger at the time, knowing AR was trying to get into rehabilitation, knowing we had just been in 3 wars, and came in with the goal of destroying us. I wanted to fight back as hard as we could at first, but I knew this would be no easy challenge. AR was weak, and needed to get out of war, but armies such as LT and the BA kept dragging us back in. LT first attacked our capitol and Crunch. We admitted defeat on Toboggan, but claimed victory on Crunch. LT did too of course, because Ioio is never willing to admit defeat when he wants to destroy AR. I have been really busy with sports and school lately and sadly I haven’t been able to attend many of the AR events, so LT was in reality, able to run right through us. After a few days of fighting AR again loss more servers, so I made the decision of surrendering to Ioioluk. Ioioluk denied the surrender saying “He won’t stop until all our servers are gone.” Honestly, who does this? What army in this community goes in to war with a crippled army with the goal of destroying and ruining us forever. It is one thing to try and prove superiority, like Nachos did against ACP, but the only other group I have seen try and do this, is the BA.

Since Ioio denied I was forced to keep on fighting. Because of the rule that personally I disapprove of, AR had to spend over an hour and a half on a defense, LT logged off first which technically gave us the win, but of course Ioioluk declared victory stating we didn’t do tactics for 15 minutes, which we proved to be false. The war went on though, and the next day LT won a few more servers. AR was in ruins now, only the loyal remained, so once again I went to Ioioluk to surrender the war. His reply was the same. He wanted nothing more than to kill our army for good. He claims we deserved it. How did we deserve it? We have never gone into war with the intentions of killing the army for good. Ioioluk is the only reason LT has died so many times, not AR or ACP. It’s not our fault he can’t control his temper over bad events. AR pleaded for surrender, but Ioio decided he wanted us dead and I decided I would do anything it took to keep AR a live. So I was forced to do the thing I honestly hated to do and that was schedule secret invasions. Now, technically, I believe these were valid. The army council missed so many points, (not to mention the person who deemed the invalid is a huge LT enthusiast) they claimed we never notified LT, when in actuality LT never informed us. AR was forced to find out about the war on our own when looking on their site. Ioioluk can get mad at that, but it is completely true. Now, I don’t care at this point, all I knew is AR wants out of the war. If Ioio decides to go through with invading all our servers over the weekend, we will get 2 more servers from allies, then bring a force to pour all over LT. Those are my thoughts, I represent AR’s position. Thank you very much.

- Burito ( http://cparmycentral.com/2013/02/02/editorial-by-buritodaily-the-truth-about-ioioluk/ )


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