How Bad Do You Want It?

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How Bad Do You Want It?

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 02, 2013 3:42 pm

Puck: I’m back as my computer has finally been fixed. I haven’t been around at all this week due to that, but from what I’ve glanced at on the site, we can and should be doing much better from what I’ve seen. Today, at this event, we change that. I’ll be there for sure, and I’m expecting nothing less than 25+ today. Our goal is still to aim for 30 though. We are the best army in Club Penguin, and it’s time to prove it once and for all. How bad do you want it? If we want something, let’s go get it. All or nothing. Together, we rise. Now, who’s with me?

What YOU Make It
When: Saturday, February 2nd
Where: Cloudy
3:00 PM EST
2:00 PM CST
1:00 PM MST
12:00 PM PST
8:00 PM UK

Comment if you can make it!

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