Ranks of the Fire Defenders

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Ranks of the Fire Defenders Empty Ranks of the Fire Defenders

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 01, 2013 4:04 am

Leader(1ic): Camperjohn64, Coolman, Firestar1114

—-Main Owner Line—-

Co-Leader(2ic): Redduck35, Mlop87

Ambassador(3ic): Jamman, Catstew, Kyle

Commander: (4ic): Electrode200, Lights, Dpd2000

Head General: Mcab, Christopher1

Command General: CPMaster, Pacman

General: Mattthebeast, Oliphant1, DawnRocket

Lieutenant: Camipink, Pewdiepie, Popcool808

Fire Defender: Pen Quen22DC, Bananaman14, Ahill

Captain: Spoo004,Iron Storm1, Kaleagasi,Tylerbear5

Warrent Officer: Zoepalm, Tigers9000,halo11980,mario

Private: Popcool080, Tracker, Penguinaus

———-Special Ranks———-

Fire Jester: Gares

Advisor: Riotors, RedRocks38,

United Kingdom Leader: Coolto5 (3ic)


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