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The Army-Hopper Guide

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:13 pm

Hey guys Paco here with another post and today I’m going to post about army hoppers. Now lets see, army hopping is very common as there is hardly loyalty in armies anymore, It is all for the ranks but for those of you asking “what is the exact definition of an army hopper?” Well.. it’s pretty much NP3000, Hurricanex, and Pain. Just kidding! With all honesty though those guys are some A+ examples. Click read more for any further examples!

Army Hopper(Noun) – Retiring/Quitting from an army for either failing or boredom and joining a different on in less than 2 weeks several amounts of times.

Antonyms: Loyalty, Legend, Superior, Role Model
Synonyms: NP3000, Hurri, Pain

Used in a sentence: Waterkid is an army hopper, he retired from Pirates to join ACP one hour later, he is private though
Well that is what I found in the dictionary. The Army hopper population is increasing. It used to be just leaders who did this but now noobs are as well for armies to get mod. The modding leads to more and then they get owner, this explains how some people got leaderships and stuff when they suck so damn bad. *hint hint* The word army hopper though is sometimes misused and over abused due to these kind of things so here is to clarify what is not an army hopper.

A person who is fired and joins another army is NOT an army hopper.
A person who is overthrown and joins another army is not an army hopper.
A person in 10+ armies is not an army hopper(Please read future posts for “Army Slut.”)
A person who leaves for over 2 weeks but gets stuck on xat again is not an army hopper.
So here is an interesting debate, does an army hopper deserve legend? For fun I have asked multiple people this question, some of them being army hoppers themselves, some not.

The question I asked to all of them is “Do you think Army Hoppers deserve to be legends?” and “What are the top 3 Army Hoppers out there?”
Zak: No, Army Hoppers struggle to be loyal. Top 3: Sccot43, Lord Pain, and Hurricanex
Benjarkin: Yes, is their accomplishments are significant enough. Top 3: Hurricanex, Coff, and Sccot
Mchappy: Oh heavens no, switching armies every 2 weeks is pathetic. Top 3: Lord Pain, Hurricanex, and Khimo
Albert417: I think yes if they showed great leadership within each army they’ve been in. Top 3: Hurricanex, Khimo and Lord Pain
Vetsd: Depends, guys like NP and Pain no, they just mod everyone to join or owner them and them, others who do other things like a good leader yes. Top 3: Benjarkin, Hurricanex, and Lord Pain

So everyone believes Hurricanex is indeed an army hopper. Well what do you guys think? should Army Hoppers be in the Legends sections of things? Do they truly deserve it? I personally think they don’t but that is me. Comment your opinions!

-PACO, CPAC Editor In Chief ( )


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